Jio Tv Latest APK{easy} for Android TV || Jio TV APK for MI Box 4k

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Jio Tv APk Latest Version Download : All Jio Prime’s customers can use a free, live TV app. For customers who use Jiophone, Jio TV is also available. You can only use Jiotv on your mobile, but this article will allow you to download Jio TV APK for Android TV or Xiaomi Box 4K.

JioTV offers unique menu styles and offers special fun. It offers several types of TV shows that you enjoy so your Android device is perfect for entertainment.

How can we run JioTv on Android TV

Many ways to watch Jio TV are available –

The first way is to download directly from Google Play Store on your smart television

Sideloding Jio Tv modded apk file through USB Pendrive

Install a Jio TV modded software that works on any WiFi connection even without Jio internet,

To load the JioTV programme, use the Fire Stick on your TV,

Or cast your handset on your smart TV computer.

This is the guide for running JioTV apk using various methods for Android TV. Try which one works for you and send us details in the following comment section.

1.By using Pen Drive –Side Loading Jio Tv Mod  apk

This is a modded apk file specially created, which can be used 100% on your Android TV. It will run seamlessly if you’re using Samsung Smart TV, Mi TV or any other brand television.

It will operate in every internet network not only, but also. To access the app, you don’t need to use Jio internet. Only log in with Jio account credentials from your or your mate.

1. Firstly  make sure you don’t have a JioTV app on your TV. Remove the same app if it has already been installed.

2. Then download Jio TV App from the connection found on your mobile phone or laptop at the end of this post.

3. Copy your apk or memory card into the pen drive and place it in Android televisions or Android box.

4. Now install the File Explorer app on the Google Play Store on your smart television and open it.

5. Find the Jio TV apk in the update folder of the file explorer app and instal the apk.

6. The Bluetooth mouse app will then be installed with the same system.

7. Open the Jio TV App now and connect with a Jio or Jio ID and password mobile number.

2.By directly installing through Google Play Store

The best way to instal jio tv on Android devices is by this process. The app is not usually available on Android TV Play, but you can instal the app using the next method if you find the apk:

  1. You’ll usually find this in my applications under Google PlayStore app on your Smart TV.
  2. Open Play Store and type – Jio TV in the search box.
  3. Click the Install button to set up Jio TV.
  4. Open and sign in using Jio’s number once the Jio TV app is finished.
  5. Enter your mobile Jio number for an OTP.
  6. Enter one time password to login.
  7. Now each TV channel list is shown to you as you usually see in your mobile app.

3. By using USB Drive –Side Loading Jio Tv Mod  apk

  1. First download the Jio tv 5.8.3 version apk file
  2. Modded apk is best since it supports Miracast and even runs on other networks. No Xposed and root specifications, too.
  3. Make sure you haven’t Jio TV installed already. Then, first uninstall it and then install it.
  4. You can either download it or switch it to Pendrive on your desktop. Or download the web browser software directly from TV.
  5. In addition, download the Playstore Mouse Toggle utility. You can do this without using a real machine mouse to control Jio TV.
  6. After it has been done, open JioTV and log in.
  7. You can use any WIFI network with this app and only Jio Network is not limited.
  8. Use the Mouse Toggle software to remotely switch the white dot up and down. The choice of live TV channels and the full-screen view is beneficial.


Some of the questions are frequently asked .Below are the questions :

How can we run a Jio Tv app on smart tv

There are several different ways to download the apk file from your mobile device, or download the APK update from the Play store application present on your Android Smart TV.

Is a JIO TV application going to operate outside India?

Many people have said that Jio TV does not operate even with VPN for India. However, you can test it with the Jio TV modded framework from SweenWolf on XDA developers.

Can I cast or represent Jio TV or my smart TV?

Yeah, they’re JioTV APK modded by the Senior Member of the XDA development company SweenWolf. This modded app  supports Miracast and runs on other networks as well.

May I use my laptop or personal computer to access JioTV?

We will introduce JioTV for laptops and personal computers in the future, Jio said on the  website But you can try our way of running Jio TV for PC mobile app until then.

Download APK Jio Here


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