Thoptv Free Download for PC

ThopTV for pc: Would you like to watch free premium shows and movies? Are you looking for the best app that makes it possible to stream free movies? Are you interested in watching live sports for free? If your response is yes, the ultimate solution for you is ThopTV.

You are in the right location if you want to watch movies and premium services for free. Since I’m leading you in this article on how to download and install the ThopTV software on your Windows and Mac PC.

In the internet market, there are several live TV streaming apps, such as Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, available. From the Google Play Store, you can directly download live streaming software. You can watch live matches on your smartphone once you install these apps on your computer, but you have to pay.

If you want to watch live matches free of charge on a PC or mobile device, read this full tutorial without missing it and get the ThopTV app on your Windows PC. You can watch live sports for free using the ThopTV app.

If you want to watch live matches free of charge on a PC or mobile device, read this full tutorial without missing it and get the ThopTV app on your Windows PC. You can watch live sports for free using the ThopTV app.

ThopTv Overview

Have a look at what ThopTV is before explaining the installation process of the ThopTV app? ThopTV is a free application that allows you to watch free live streaming of premium sports and programs on your smartphone.

You can watch premium live cricket programs on Hotstar, of course, but you need to pay for that. Once you have a subscription, you can only watch live cricket through the Hotstar app. You can watch any matches live on your Windows PC and Mac for free with the aid of the ThopTV application.

ThopTv  For Pc Benefits

Best Features of ThopTv for PC on listed below:

1.ThopTV is a totally free program that is available on different platforms.

3. Once you install this program on your computer, you can watch cricket matches live for a lifetime free of charge.

2. It helps to watch free of charge live cricket and premium programs.

4. Not only cricket matches, but you can also watch other premium programs and TV programs such as Kabaddi football and many more in this app.

5. This program can be mounted on different devices, such as PCs and Mac smartphones.

How can we install Thop Tv for Pc

You should, of course, install the ThopTV software on your PC, but you can do this with the help of an Android emulator. There are several Android emulators on the internet market, but I use the BlueStacks Android Emulator here. You can use whatever else you want the most. The really simple Android emulator that allows you to install and run Android apps on a PC is BlueStacks.

Download the BlueStacks Android Emulator from its official website first.

When this .exe file has been downloaded to a specific folder, you can install it easily on your PC with the aid of on-screen instructions.

You now need to download the APK file for ThopTV from its official website.

Now, open the Android Emulator for BlueStacks and click on the three dots at the top of the screen.

You will be told to select the APK file. So pick the file you’ve downloaded before.

In order to complete the installation process, press the install button. In order to complete the installation process, press the install button.

Based on the output of your machine, it will take you minutes to complete the installation process.

How can we install Thop Tv for MAC?

If you are a Mac user, with the help of the Nox app player, you can easily download the ThopTV app to your laptop. You can use the BlueStacks Android Emulator, of course, but for Mac users, the Nox app player is very suitable.

From its official website, download the Nox app player and install it on your PC.

If the installation process is complete, simply open it and click on the APK install option on the sidebar.

With the support of the Nox app player, you now need to install it on your PC.

It’s that. Now you can enjoy watching live cricket on your Mac with the help of the ThopTV app.

Some Faqs

1.How can we download the thoptv app on PC?

There is no official website to install the ThopTV software on your PC, but you can do this with the support of Android Emulator.

2.Is thop tv available for PC?

No, there is no official website to download the ThopTV software for PCs. After you install this app, you can install any Android Emulator.

3.Is thop tv available for free?

Yeah, ThopTV is a completely free program available on the web for queries.

The best application that helps watch live programs and live cricket for free on Windows PC is ThopTV. You can install the ThopTV software on your PC easily with the help of the Android Emulator. If you have any trouble downloading the ThopTV for PC software using this guide, let me know your questions in the section of the comment box.

kinemaster for pc Download Windows 7/8/10 & Mac Laptopnemaster Download For Pc Windows 7/8/10 & Mac Laptop

kinemaster for pc The software application you are looking for is KineMaster for PC. It is one of the best in the field of video editing and is very user-friendly. But KineMaster is an app designed for smartphones running Android, iOS or Windows.

You have to ask, because you are here, is it really possible to download KineMaster on a PC?

I’ll tell you a lot of ways to run the KineMaster App on laptop .

Just like editing your videos on the landscape view of your smartphone, you can do it on a bigger screen now.

So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install KineMaster on windows 10 pc

Kinemaster PC Software  Download

KineMaster PC is similar to other applications for video and image editing such as Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, iMovie, Camtasia, etc. KineMaster stands out by having superior features such as gestures, animations and has a better user experience with a lot of video editing apps on the market

Architecture32bit 64 bit
Offered by kinemaster corporation
Current Verison4.3
APP size87 MB
App CategoryPhoto & Video
EmulatorsBluestacks,Noxplayer ,Memu
Download APKsClick here
RequirementsWindows 8,9,10 or mac

Methods to download Kinemaster from Pc 

Several methods to achieve this:


2.Android Emulators like Bluestacks  ,Noxplayer ,Memu ,etc

3.Virtual Box with android x86

How can we Download Kinemaster for pc using Emulators

1.First Step To download Bluestacks APP For Pc

Head over to their official website to download the Bluestacks emulator. Click on the BlueStacks Download button or pick your operating system. On both Windows and Mac OS, you can download it. You will have the option to choose an architecture, i.e. 32 Bit or 64 Bit for Windows and Android.

2.First login to Google Account For Play Store

You will be asked to sign up or login to your Google account after installation. Specify your credentials. This will allow applications from the Google Play Store to be downloaded.

3. Now install Apk from Google Play Store

You can either load the apk file on the side, or just open the Google Play store. KineMaster app scan. Click the Install button and the Kinemaster software will be mounted on Bluestacks.

4.Last open Kinemaster and now enjoy the video editing

Finally, open the application for the Kinemaster in your Bluestacks. Enable your computer to have access to images, media and data. Now, just as you do on your mobile, you can use all its features.

These are the following  steps   to download kinemaster from ChromeBook

Update latest version on Chromebook Os

First go to chromebook settings and then click on about chrome os .These website automatically starts updating of click  on  and apply updates button.

2.Scroll Down to App Section In Settings

Once you’re updated, go to Setup and scroll to the Apps section. For Google Play Store settings, tap Switch ON. Click the approve button at last.

3. Now open google play store and install kinemaster

You can open the Google Play Store app once it’s enabled. There are a few terms and conditions you have to consider. Lastly, scan and install Kinemaster.

Once installed, open your Chromebook’s Kinemaster video editing software and start working:))


Positive and  Negative of kinemaster  on Chromebook

Positive  points of kinemaster                                                                   

It has a Bigger Screen video Editing

Ui  is Same just like smartphone

Negative points of kinemaster

It does n’t work on all chromebook

It is complex for incompatible device

Kinemaster PC Software FAQS

How do I download KineMaster for PC?

I shared three techniques for running Kinemaster on a PC. Use Android, Chromebook or Virtual box emulators.

What are some alternatives to Kinemaster for the PC?

Camtasia, Snagit, iMovies, etc. may be alternatives to the KineMaster app.

How do I edit a KineMaster video on a PC?

You can use the KineMaster software on your PC using our shared techniques, just like your smartphone. When enabled, you would usually be able to use it like any other full-screen PC software.

Final Thoughts

I think if you’re a video editing novice and you’re thinking of starting a Youtube channel, Kinemaster for PC is the best on the market.

Since it works even for low-end devices, I would suggest using the Virtual Box process. But, if you have a decent setup system, use emulators like Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, MEmu, Remix OS, LDPlayer, etc. to download Kinemaster on a PC.

Finally, make sure that your friends who want to try video editing share this post. Kinemaster for PC is the best video editing program for Windows and Mac computers that is easy to use.

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How can we download Videoshow for PC (windows 7 8 9 and 10)

VideoShow is a Windows 10 programming application available in the Google app store. This is one of the best video editing programs ever and you can make many editions with this product without any marketing.

The best VideoShow player for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP can now be downloaded free of charge for Mac OS PCs. VideoShow can also have several highlights and everybody is accessible so that you can create a regular video as an eye dramatizer, using the video presentation with little effort.

After you upload it to your computer and begin using VideoShow for Windows 8, 7 and XP, you can become more familiar with simplicity. The interface with the basic dialect of video editing is simplest and easiest to use, without complicated techniques, in short, it can be used by a person with only the most basic data for editing and so with over 29 million customers. Also it’s the video editing system that you might have most downloaded and preferred in your gadget.

The best component that highlights VideoShow for PCs of its competitors is that it can include the unlimited length video and start editing it. From now on he has no restrictions or criteria and can work openly according to his own particular decision. He was never moderate and he would not miss the opportunity to run simply press on him and the application would start running and you can start to downplay your company.

You can download this application from Google Play Store and it is free to use most of its highlights without hidden charges, and you don’t have to pay a time, just download and fee. The video demonstrates and inspires the work of your loved ones.

How can you install Videoshow on your pc

Install Videoshow on your pc by using Bluestacks App Player

BlueStacks provides an interface to continue to run and Android apps on PCs, efficiently. Below, we’ll let you know how to install and use BlueStacks versatile applications.

crediit goes to expert mode channel;

Below are the steps to install videoshow on your pc using Bluestacks App Player

BlueStacks provides a fun and Android applications platform for continuous operation

On PCs, practically. Below we’ll tell you how to build and use flexible BlueStacks software.

Download the Official Website for BlueStacks. You can access both  windows and mac

Make it clear that while installing BlueStacks, you can search for the option “App Store to.” A certain investment will be appropriate after the installation to start with the first. Applications must run properly with at least 2 GB of RAM.

Search the BlueStacks Search Devices Set for your required application

Type the name of the programme in at the highest point of the page. In case the “no results” message appears, you can open it in Google Play Store by clicking on the “Search Play on Application Name.” The application is not present on the BlueStacks server.

You must log in with the Google account at that time when you choose the Play Store and trigger the store.

The list will include a summary of the items. Touch the installation programme that you need.

Click the button Install. The process is begun for downloading and installing.

After the installation process has been completed. Open and enjoy it from the main menu.


FaceApp for PC Download: The Face app is a Yaroslav Goncharov Android app. You can turn your face from young to old in this app. It may alter the face of the gender and, for example, adjust the face reaction; a true expression of a smiling face. First, you need to use an emulator for Android applications such as bluestacks or Nox to run this glorious software on your Windows PC, laptop, or Mac.

Faceapp  For Pc

How can we install FaceApp Pro on Windows ?

Below are the instructions given how can we install FaceApp For Pc download

In this post I’ll show you how to instal FaceApp PRO tips on Windows PC by using Android App Player like BlueStacks, Nox, KOPlayer. You’re going to need to download the apk installer file before you begin. Save it to a spot that is easy to find.

[Note]: Older versions of this software can also be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

A comprehensive step by step guide is given here, but I would like to give you a brief overview of how it works. You just need an emulator which imitates an Android device on your Windows PC and then you can install and use applications – you can see that you actually play Android on it, but that doesn’t work on a smartphone.

How can we  Install FaceApp Pro  using BlueStacks

First we install Bluestacks for Pc at https ://

To open BlueStacks, double-click the apk file and instal the app. If the apk file doesn’t open BlueStacks automatically, right-click it and… To BlueStacks, browse. You can drag and drop the apk file to the home screen of BlueStacks

Next step to install run and open app

How can we install FaceApp Pro on Windows Pc using NoxPlayer

At: Download & Install NoxPlayer. It is quick to perform the installation.

Please drag and drop the apk file to Nox. This displays the File Manager. Under the blue file symbol, press the Open XXX Folder button.

Details of Face App

App NameFace App
UpdatedJuly 23 2019
App Size10.62 KiB
Download Link For AndroidClick here
Download Link For AppleClick here

Face App Faqs

1.  Is FaceApp Free?

Faceapp is completely free download for Pc

2. Is FaceApp Safe to use?

Although it was at first reported that Google engineers could maliciously clean up the app later. They tested app safety and concluded that it can be used safely.

3.How can i install FaceApp?

You can get the app from the Google Play Store if you’re using an Android OS system. You can get the app from the App Store if you are using an iOS device. You can download the software using an Android emulator if you use the PC, however.


One of the few features of FaceApp is the role of changing your face from young to old or creating a small picture. There are several features to use and explore in this programme. By the way, if you choose this choice, you can turn a picture into a collage. You can combine any version of your picture with this mode and adjust the context. Here, you can change the sex like the face of a male version into a female one. FaceApp is one of the useful apps for a photo lover who loves the effects, so most people want to run FaceApp on PCs. It is very natural.

You TV Player Windows 10/8/7/8.1 Free Download Pc

You TV Player for PC: It’s a video player app. Also, well known as Free TV Online. By using it, you can watch live videos just free without pay any subscription charge.

Also, it gives you much more HD Videos Quality. You must enter your Google Account and only Open Play Store if you are interested in this application. You can scan it and download/install it in a few steps from there by using Account ID and Password.

Additional Information on You Tv Info
Language English

License Free

Category App for PC

Size of the app 30 mb

Downloads         40 million+      

Author You Apps Softdev

How can we download Youtube App for Pc

As you might know, Windows 10 and MacOS Big Sur have no native YouTube app available.

Only Xbox One can instal the YouTube application available on the Microsoft Store. There is therefore only one way of downloading YouTube’s official Android APK file and using an Android emulator, for example.


In our tests (by team techworm), we concluded that Bluestacks 4 could be the most stable and configured Android emulator to operate similarly with an Android smartphone.

So here is how you can get to the BlueStacks App player to download and instal YouTube on PC.

Download the emulator from Bluestacks 4 and install your.exe file.

When your Google account sign-in on Bluestacks 4 has been installed 4

Open Playstore next and look for “YouTube”

YouTube download and the software is mounted on your device automatically.

After you first start up the YouTube app, you are prompted to either log in with your Google account or Bluestacks completes this phase automatically. You can even build a shortcut to start the YouTube application quickly using Bluestacks 4.

Apart from installing the YouTube app from the Google Play store, you can also manually install the YouTube APK file on your PC. A similar method can be followed when installing YouTube on a macOS Big Sur desktop or laptop.

How can we install You Tv Player with the help of NOX App Player

These are the following steps :

Check for NOX App Player and open your Web Browser.

Download NOX App Player on its official website.

Start the NOX App Player and open the NOX Home Screen Play Store Application.

Sign up with Google ID. Sign up.

Search for You TV  Player

You  TV Player Install on  Nox emulator  

You can play You TV Player once the installation is complete.


That was a fast guide on downloading and installing YouTube for your PC. In the following comments field, you may find any problems when installing YouTube in your PC.

Jio Tv Latest APK{easy} for Android TV || Jio TV APK for MI Box 4k

jio tv apk

Jio Tv APk Latest Version Download : All Jio Prime’s customers can use a free, live TV app. For customers who use Jiophone, Jio TV is also available. You can only use Jiotv on your mobile, but this article will allow you to download Jio TV APK for Android TV or Xiaomi Box 4K.

JioTV offers unique menu styles and offers special fun. It offers several types of TV shows that you enjoy so your Android device is perfect for entertainment.

How can we run JioTv on Android TV

Many ways to watch Jio TV are available –

The first way is to download directly from Google Play Store on your smart television

Sideloding Jio Tv modded apk file through USB Pendrive

Install a Jio TV modded software that works on any WiFi connection even without Jio internet,

To load the JioTV programme, use the Fire Stick on your TV,

Or cast your handset on your smart TV computer.

This is the guide for running JioTV apk using various methods for Android TV. Try which one works for you and send us details in the following comment section.

1.By using Pen Drive –Side Loading Jio Tv Mod  apk

This is a modded apk file specially created, which can be used 100% on your Android TV. It will run seamlessly if you’re using Samsung Smart TV, Mi TV or any other brand television.

It will operate in every internet network not only, but also. To access the app, you don’t need to use Jio internet. Only log in with Jio account credentials from your or your mate.

1. Firstly  make sure you don’t have a JioTV app on your TV. Remove the same app if it has already been installed.

2. Then download Jio TV App from the connection found on your mobile phone or laptop at the end of this post.

3. Copy your apk or memory card into the pen drive and place it in Android televisions or Android box.

4. Now install the File Explorer app on the Google Play Store on your smart television and open it.

5. Find the Jio TV apk in the update folder of the file explorer app and instal the apk.

6. The Bluetooth mouse app will then be installed with the same system.

7. Open the Jio TV App now and connect with a Jio or Jio ID and password mobile number.

2.By directly installing through Google Play Store

The best way to instal jio tv on Android devices is by this process. The app is not usually available on Android TV Play, but you can instal the app using the next method if you find the apk:

  1. You’ll usually find this in my applications under Google PlayStore app on your Smart TV.
  2. Open Play Store and type – Jio TV in the search box.
  3. Click the Install button to set up Jio TV.
  4. Open and sign in using Jio’s number once the Jio TV app is finished.
  5. Enter your mobile Jio number for an OTP.
  6. Enter one time password to login.
  7. Now each TV channel list is shown to you as you usually see in your mobile app.

3. By using USB Drive –Side Loading Jio Tv Mod  apk

  1. First download the Jio tv 5.8.3 version apk file
  2. Modded apk is best since it supports Miracast and even runs on other networks. No Xposed and root specifications, too.
  3. Make sure you haven’t Jio TV installed already. Then, first uninstall it and then install it.
  4. You can either download it or switch it to Pendrive on your desktop. Or download the web browser software directly from TV.
  5. In addition, download the Playstore Mouse Toggle utility. You can do this without using a real machine mouse to control Jio TV.
  6. After it has been done, open JioTV and log in.
  7. You can use any WIFI network with this app and only Jio Network is not limited.
  8. Use the Mouse Toggle software to remotely switch the white dot up and down. The choice of live TV channels and the full-screen view is beneficial.


Some of the questions are frequently asked .Below are the questions :

How can we run a Jio Tv app on smart tv

There are several different ways to download the apk file from your mobile device, or download the APK update from the Play store application present on your Android Smart TV.

Is a JIO TV application going to operate outside India?

Many people have said that Jio TV does not operate even with VPN for India. However, you can test it with the Jio TV modded framework from SweenWolf on XDA developers.

Can I cast or represent Jio TV or my smart TV?

Yeah, they’re JioTV APK modded by the Senior Member of the XDA development company SweenWolf. This modded app  supports Miracast and runs on other networks as well.

May I use my laptop or personal computer to access JioTV?

We will introduce JioTV for laptops and personal computers in the future, Jio said on the  website But you can try our way of running Jio TV for PC mobile app until then.

Download APK Jio Here


We deliver only detailed tutorials for Android. We’re not hosting any APK files. In regard to the logos and trademarks published here, we still do not have copyright.

Furthermore, JioTV Apk is not claimed as our material under copyright. It’s the property of the owner. At your own risk, use the application.

Airtel app For PC {easy}: Window 10/7 Laptop

Airtel app For PC : Searching for how you can watch Aitel Tv App for PC ? Download for the Mac OSX, MacOS High-Sierra or Linux versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10/Vista/XP. Here’s a step-by-step guide on ” How to Download Airtel TV app for PC? ” Read this post and read the entire post so that you can know how to run AirTel TV on your PC or laptop and watch live matches and exclusive details freely on your PC and mobile devices.

Airtel app For PC

Below, I have two best Airtel TV App for PC methods. You may know BlueStacks but may not know the second. The second form is for Airtel TV without BlueStacks to be downloaded.

How can we download the Airtel app For PC? (Bluestacks)

First of all, the Bluestacks app needs to be downloaded.

Next click on the download button

After the file has been downloaded. Install it by tapping. It takes some time for your device to be installed.

Once the installation has succeeded, open. It takes a while.

Now all Android applications can be included. Airtel TV programme to use.

Search “Airtel TV” to the Play Store

Airtel Tv app is available for download. Open and apply it

Open it once activated successfully.

Enjoy live TV free of charge, movies, season and a lot more on your PC at Airtel TV.

Method 2: Download Airtel APP Using NOX APP Player

NOX Player App from NOX Official first of all download.

You have to install it after you download it successfully.

Double click and follow the instructions for the window on the .exe file.

Click on the.dmg file for Mac and drag it into the application folder.

Main sections have been done of this trick. Now open your device application. It takes a while to launch.
NOX Player App must now be opened. Anything like this you are going to see.

It just like a mobile phone you can find out The Back Button, Home Button, menu button, volume up and down Button are displayed, and so forth.

Also, some simple Android apps are available on the NOX Player application, such as Facebook lite, Dailyhunt, ES File Explorer, etc.

You need to log into the Play Store with your google account (In NOX Player APP)

Next click on play store

You’re going to see a few apps. To sign in, simply click on any app.
Next Enter gmail id and password

You can now download an app using the Play Store.

Find “Airtel TV” and Airtel TV app update.

Open it and use Airtel Tv app in PC.

Airtel TV Benefits in PC

Airtel Tv has many benefits as below :

On a bigger screen you can watch live TV.

To watch it later, download your favourite show.

No problem of storage

Watch Video on Airtel App TV for PC

Here is the video of Airtel TV’s PC download? Ok, I know that I don’t like reading this post to some people. We’ve made this video for them, therefore.

You’ll learn how to use Bluestacks to run the Android application in this tutorial.

Watch it, and don’t skip it, share it and sign it up.

Airtel Tv Conclusion

AirTel Tv is a free application that enables you to view live videos, live matches, TV shows, movies, series etc. Download it on your cell phone and enjoy it. But when you need a wide screen, it’s for you. Monitor your PC for Airtel tv. You should try out the hotstar download for pc, if you are looking for Airtel TV solutions.

You can use one of them, I added two ways. Airtel tv software for PC is easy to use. Please let them know that they can look at Live matches on their PC and share this post with their mates.

Don’t hesitate to comment here, or hit our social network. You will still be helped by us 24*7.

Hot star app download For PC Windows 10 ,8,7 and Android TV Free

Hot star app download: Wondering how Hotstar can be downloaded for PC? We shared a simple way to download Hotstar on your laptop or phone. You can download Hotstar for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 using this trick shared below.

Hot star app download

For both PC and Laptop, downloading Hotstar is possible. On both Windows and Mac Operating System you can instal hotstar desktop software.

But let’s learn more about it before the guide to Hotstar PC download. Hotstar is a website for online video content. Live, film, sports and a lot of premium content, watch your favourite TV shows.

On Hotstar, you can view India’s Cricket World Cup Mats using the Jio TV app. Open the Jio TV application on PC at the beginning. Login and click on the World Cup Banner in the Jio TV app. It will forward you to the Hot Star application for pc. Today, without a time limit you can look at live world cup cricket.

Star India created Hotstar for Computer and focussed more on indigenous viewers. It has both an iOS and Android version for smartphone applications.

Hot star app download For Windows 10/8/7 Laptop

You have a desktop users’ official website. There is also no exclusive desktop programme. You can conveniently access and enjoy from any desktop browser.

But if you really love and want to use Hotstar’s mobile app. Use these 2 methods to instal the hotstar software on the PC.

Here we are using and downloading the Android APK Hotstar file on your PC. For this job, we are using PC software for Android Emulator. You can run Hotstar Mobile App on your device with Android emulator. It may be Mac or Windows PC.

Two way to download HotStar app in  PC

1.Any emulator such as MEmu Download Hotstar.

2. Bluestacks Download Hotstar App

HotStar APK Download Details

Name of the APP :                                           Hotstar

Hotstar PC App Size :                                      22.61 MB

Provider                                                           Novi Digital

App Version                                                     11.2.3

Download  Link                                                Hotstar PC Download

Download the Google Play Hotstar apk. On the respective emulator, open the Play Store app. Enter and press the Install Hotstar button. When installed, your device will benefit from the advantages of a Hotstar mobile app.

Hotstar for PC : Bluestacks  Download Hotstar App

Hotstar does not have an official software desktop application. Then we’ll take Android emulator assistance. You will take advantage of the Hotstar app experience on PC. Laptop Windows 10 free Hotstar software update.

Bluestacks is one of Android’s most popular emulator programmes. For both Windows and Mac computers you can download it. Android version of an application may be running on a PC with Bluestacks. We will use the hotstar application on the PC through Bluestacks in the same way. Just download and instal the hotstar software for Windows device via this step-by-step tutorial. Windows 7 32bit free Hotstar update.

Steps to Download Hotstar for Pc

Step 1: First download Bluezstacks Android emulator on your PC

Initially, the computer programme for your Windows or Mac computer requires you to download and set up. Bluestacks simulator can be downloaded from the connection provided below.

Bluestacks Download For PC

Step 2: Login to your Google Account

If the installation is over, Bluestacks will ask you to provide Google Play Store App support. If you have any questions, you can use any temporary Gmail account.

Step 3: Download Hotstar latest APK version

Bluestacks can request support for your Google Play Store App when the installation is over. You can use any temporary Gmail account if you have any questions.

Step 4. Next step to  Install Hotstar APK on Bluestacks

To instal Hotstar apk you need to add APK to Bluestacks. If you downloaded the file directly from the web browser built in by Bluestacks. You can then only start the installation by clicking on the downloaded file.

Step 5: Get Free Hotstar Premium Account ID & Password

To view premium content, you need Hotstar Username and Password. For example, you need to register for VIP subscription to watch LIVE cricket match on your Windows Laptop. The expense of the VIP programme per year is Rs. 299. Luckily we share some tips and tricks on receiving Hotstar VIP Free Subscription.

Step 6: Open PC Hotstar and link to your account

Open your Hotstar application and experience it on your PC once you are installed in Bluestacks. You’ll have a full Hotstar mobile user interface, but in a tablet way. Only log in and enjoy limitless entertainment on your account.

Download  Any emulator like MEmu  Hotstar App

Hotstar’s going to work on any android emulator. Another trustworthy Bluestacks emulator programme is MEmu. Hotstar without blanking for pc.

Follow each of the above measures for Bluestacks emulator to instal the Hotstar Software on the MEmu emulator.

Setup APK File for Hotstar.

Get the PC experience Hotstar app.

MEmu Android Simulator on the PC to be downloaded.

Window 8 Download Hotstar : You can also measure the Chrome extension. This enables you to run the Chrome browser APK file. Although the new version may or may not work, it should be attempted.

Hotstar Download PC Features and Benefits

Get the scores, schedule and fittings for a live World Cup 2021 and IPL cricket match. Watch for different quality in a different language

Bollywood movies unrestricted access. Hotstar provides an immense selection of high-quality Hindi films. For later entertainment you can watch or download.

Hollywood films with medium access. Some of the top films are listed in premium. After your Free Hotstar premium registration, you can watch it.

Check out famous TV shows like Throne Game and much more. GOT season 8 was seen recently by Hotstar. It first was aired on Hotstar and was first viewed by the United States and India.

User friendly: extremely user friendly and perfect navigation.

Hotstar Windows Cons

You will have to watch premium content like Game of Thrones for Rs. 199 a month.

Hotstar’s web software for pc is not officially available. As mentioned above, you must use emulators.


This post about installing Hotstar App for the PC, I hope you enjoyed. Two of our best ways to do this work have been shared. The use of an android emulator on a PC simplifies your job and renders it superior.

Download Share Me For PC – Window 10,8 and 7 Mac

Download Share me for pc :From our way of playing games to the way we exchange data, the smartphone changed the way we do it all. Data exchange is no longer a difficult task, with thousands of online applications for data transfer from one system to another. Only let it be a computer, or PC, or vice versa.

Download Share me for pc

Share Me is also one of the most useful applications for data transfer between devices in relation to data sharing. Share Me has been renamed Mi Drop by the official brand, the Xiaomi. The application supports state-of-the-art features so that you can exchange information without using the internet with other smartphones.

This article discusses the different features and disadvantages of the application along with its installation on the PC, regardless of its being a Mac or Windows PC.

Download Share Me For PC Features

Mi Drop, renamed Share Me, has many features that set it apart from other applications for data sharing on the market. You are interested in some of the exciting features of Share Me:

User Interface

Every user of your app looks at the user interface for the first time. That’s what the Share Me app is best for. You don’t have to find the file you need to send in any step of your search. Share Me displays right directories and categories from which you can conveniently select the file. To put it briefly, the user interface is clean and easy to use

No Internet required

The Share Me app also offers a solution to the user’s data use issues. How would it happen? You question. You ask. The app has been built so that no Internet connection is required to move files across devices that save your mobile data.


Every consumer needs speed, regardless of who or what they are, or what they do. It sounds like Xiaomi Inc’s developers have taken the shareme app’s pace even more seriously because it is almost 200 times faster than Bluetooth because the app runs like Flash.

Types of files

The Share Me app can move any file form such as image, mp3, video and many others. This makes it in nature more flexible. The file size isn’t even an issue for the Share Me app, it’s capable of managing files of any size and obviously takes time for big files.

Ad-free and downloads

The Share Me application has been built so that no advertisements and no disrupted transfers are required to think about. You can restart quite quickly in the future.


It cannot be used by any Android device by simply downloading it from the Google Play Store. No limit on the number of devices that supports the app.

Language Support

Ok, where you live or which language you speak or understand, it doesn’t matter. The Share Me app supports many languages, such as Bahasa Indonesia, Bangladesh, Chinese and English

Share Me App Installation on PC

As we know, Share Me can be used on mobile devices only. But what about moving files from a PC to your computer. With that in mind, emulators for Android have been created.

What are emulators for Android now?

The software that is capable of running Android applications on your PC is known as an Android emulator. There are many of them in the market that can be installed and made use of for running applications and playing Android games on your PC. The most popular ones are Nox App Player and BlueStacks App Player.

The software is very easy to install on the PC and run Android apps. Following is a step-by-step method for the installation of apps and for the Share Me app on the PC.

Step 1: First click on official website of Bluestacks or Nox App Player

And install the software by following the installation procedure.

Step 2:  Launch the Bluestacks software or Nox App Player whichever you have installed.

Step 3: After it has started, login to your Google account and open the Playstore App. Do one if you do not have one?

Step 4: Search the ShareMe app from the Playstore after logging into the app. You can find a list of applications, pick the app you want, and give it a certain time to update.

Step 5: You will be happy to pass details when the Share Me app is installed.

Share Me FAQS

1.IS MI drop available for PC?

MI drop is an Android application, and no computer version is available for this application. Only an Android emulator including Bluestacks, MEmu, Nox App Player, and others can download the app on your device.

2. How can I connect my Shareme to my computer?

By connecting the Android device and computer to the same WIFI, you can connect Shareme to your computer.

3. How can I transfers files from MI drop to PC?

You connect your phone and PC to the same network after you have enabled the MI drop on your system. Click “Link to computer screen,” open the MI drop application and click on the start button. The windows explorer can be opened and files can be moved by entering the FTP URL.


Here we are, everything we have learned so far wrapped up. To put it briefly, the Share Me app is worth try because it has different amazing features such as remarkable speed, wide range of supported devices, multiple languages, ad-free and above all no active internet connection required. I hope the article was good for you!!!

Paytm App For Pc{easy} || Paytm App Download For Pc

Paytm app for Pc Download :If you haven’t heard of it before, PayTM is India’s biggest e-commerce and mobile payment network. Today, with over 150 million users, this mobile digital wallet is in use all over the world, and it continues to evolve and expand. Although its main aim was to provide the possibility of payments for utility bills and mobile recharges, there are several other choices that this digital wallet offers its customers today. By using PayTM, you can store or pass cash and make all sorts of offline and online payments to cut the story short. You name it, paying the bills, shopping for clothing and other accessories online or even purchasing flight or movie tickets.

The fact that even small businesses still prefer to use it to construct a POS illustrates its versatility. You see, PayTM allows the customer to scan the QR code on the POS computer and use their digital wallet to complete the payment. Well, that is some catchy information, isn’t it?

How can we used PayTM for PC

You can simply download the app on your iOS phone, Android smartphone or tablet, as the term PayTM means “pay via mobile.” When it comes to PCs, on the other hand, the application does not have official support. But don’t let your plans deter you. You should know that there is a way to use it on your PC without your account having any possible protection or functionality risk. How’s that to do? The solution is in the BlueStacks emulator-the easiest and most powerful way on your PC to customize the PayTM.

Simple Step to download Paytm for Pc Windows and Paytm for Mac

This is our easy guide to showing you how to efficiently and reliably use your PayTM account on your Mac or Windows computer, whether you have a laptop or a conventional desktop computer. So, to get it done properly, here are a few very easy steps to take.

As stated, since there is still no official version for the Mac device, Windows PC, or Windows platform, you need to allow an alternative way to download the PayTM application to get this started. By using the Android emulator, the most tested way is. It is a tool on your PC that produces a sort of virtual world for Android. BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulators and is also available for a Mac machine and a Windows PC

The following steps to download Paytm for Pc

Step 1:The first thing you have to do is to download the BlueStacks Emulator, regardless of whether you plan on using PayTM for PC, PayTM for Mac or PayTM for Windows. You have two choices to ensure that. The first is to use a standalone installer, and the second is to use a BlueStacks regular installer.

You can get a standard installer if you plan to download BlueStacks from the official website. On the one side, this allows the whole kit to be installed over the Internet. This method would, on the other hand, certainly take some time. So, the alternative is to use the Internet Download Manager at high-speed BlueStacks to download the offline installer.

credit goes to technical support purpose

Step 2:

Open the Android emulator when you have finished downloading and installing BlueStacks and check inside Google Play for PayTM. The good thing for you is that you’ll see that everything looks close to a smartphone option once you open the BlueStacks App Player. To find and download the PayTM application for your PC, naturally, check the Google Play Store. When you push the “Install” button, you can see that the entire process of installing looks and looks the same as on your smartphone.

After downloading the application from the BlueStacks emulator, simply pick your language and continue using the offers and services on your Desktop or Mac from your PayTM account.

Download Paytm App For PC Download in 2020

Paytm is an e-commerce website that offers different services in India. Services include mobile recharge, bill payment, booking tickets, shopping, and many more. Using your browser or Paytm app on your smartphone, you have tried the Paytm website. But have you ever considered using the Paytm software on your PC? We’ll tell you how to use the Paytm software on a Windows computer (7, 8, 8.1 or 10) or a Mac computer.

This will operate on both desktop and portable laptop computers, so let’s start with how to download your computer’s Paytm software. Paytm continues to expand the number of services it provides. They are more determined than ever before to become the top Indian shopping site since the merger with Alibaba. In addition, we have one more thing before we get started with the Paytm PC tutorial app.

If you’ve ever thought about “how to delete a Paytm account,” then we’ve shared the same guide. Now let’s start with the Paytm download step-by-step method for PC. It is available for both Mac and Windows PCs. Therefore, you will be able to use the Paytm app through the emulator program on your PC. You can use not just the Paytm app, but also all Android applications on the Bluestacks emulator. You can now use the Paytm app on your PC using this Android emulator, just like your mobile. We have included a step by step guide below. So follow it carefully to make it work for you.1) Use Paytm on your PC to download Bluestacks EmulatorFirst, you need to download Bluestacks Android Emulator from their official Windows or Mac machine website. For Bluestacks, you can get both standard or standalone installers.

Paytm Software Alternatives

There are several smartphone applications that are close to the Paytm PC download app. All features that are available in the Paytm app have these apps. A pocket, shopping facility, refund, bill payment, etc., for example.

  1. Flipkart App: Similar to each other, Flipkart and Paytm are head to head. Paytm utilizes its own network, while Flipkart uses the platform of Phonepe to provide wallet facilities.
  2. Amazon India Shopping App:It’s a lot like the Paytm app. Almost every feature supported by the Paytm app has been added. It also offers a wallet system to store online money.

How can we download and Install an app in laptop or pc Window 10

The following steps are given below to download an Paytm app on Pc :

  1. Locate the Paytm app and press the Install button.
  2. It will be downloaded exactly as it is on your mobile.
  3. Now open the Paytm app and enjoy all the deals and services offered on the Paytm app for PC. Installing Paytm on PC
  4. Import the apk file to your emulator now to install the Paytm software on your PC. Finally,


It’s a lot like the Paytm app. Almost every feature supported by the Paytm app has been added. It also offers a wallet system to store online money.